She Knew At Age 16, If You Can Dream it, You Can Become it. Living Out Her Dream Come True! Meet News 6 Sports Director Jamie Seh


Q: While in high school, did you have any idea you wanted to go into broadcasting?
Yes, for sure. I was a huge sports fan growing up, watching, and listening to game broadcasts all the time. When I was 16, I began helping with the public address at my high school’s football games and had so much fun lending my voice to the action. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head, that I wanted to talk about sports for a living. It’s crazy to think that was almost 30 years ago.

Q: Did you play a lot of sports growing up?
I watched more sports than I played, but I was on the tennis team and downhill skied. I still try to do both …

Q: Who was the biggest influence in your life growing up?
Definitely my mom, Pam Seh. She was so kind to everyone, so nice, always friendly, and always, always supported and encouraged me. I’m blessed to have had her as a mom and a friend. She passed away in 2014 but is still with me in everything I do. She is who I’d like to be. 

Q: What has been the most satisfying moment in your career so far?
I’ve been incredibly lucky to interview amazing athletes and cover awesome events like Super Bowls and National Championships, but the most satisfying moment in my career is my yearly work anniversary I think, getting to mark off another year of doing what I love!

Q: What’s your advice for women in male-dominated fields?
My advice is to be who you are. Don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not…and don’t worry about it either. Always have faith in your abilities, experience, and point-of-view. Always believe in yourself and that your voice is just as important as everyone else’s. Work harder than the next person and don’t be afraid to compete.

Q: Have you ever had that one embarrassing moment on TV you can share with us?
I think every time I fumble a word on tv or mess up a sentence I get embarrassed! So, I’ve had plenty of embarrassing moments! There are two occasions that stand out though. Both happened pretty early in my career. I was doing a live report and interviewing someone and completely blanked on his name. I think I stared at him dumbfounded for a few seconds when I went to thank him for his time live on the air, just trying to remember his name, and it just wasn’t coming to me. I felt like I was standing there sweating it for about 5 minutes. I signed off pretty quickly. I still don’t remember his name. 

The other moment was when I was anchoring sports in my first job in a small market…and something got me laughing when I was doing a live read… and I couldn’t stop laughing through it. It was 90 seconds of me trying to compose myself on tv with little luck. Totally unprofessional…but sometimes when I’m rolling, I’m rolling.

Q: Do you have any advice you can share for those women who may want to pursue a career in Sports Broadcasting?
I’d tell them to go for it! It’s been such a fun job with so many unique opportunities to meet people and experience different events. I’d also tell them to be prepared to work hard while being rewarded with long and unusual hours. However, working a dream job is worth it in my opinion. The other very importance piece of advice is this: know your stuff, know your sports…because someone, certainly not everyone, but someone will test you or doubt you simply because of your gender. Be prepared and embrace the chance to prove that someone wrong.

Q: Tell us how you manage your work-life balance with your busy schedule.
I think being single with no children may make it easier for me to balance work with life. I have great admiration for women who juggle everything. I make my work my priority for sure but going to games is something I’d be doing in my free time anyway.

Q: What’s one lesson you’ve learned in your career that you can share with our audience?
I think the biggest one is that working hard, really hard, can lead to really good things. 

Five Things About News 6 Sports Director Jamie Seh

1. If you could talk to one famous person past or present, who would it be and why? 
There are so many! But if I had to choose one out of the group of five that are in my head, I’d choose Barack Obama. I admire the courage, confidence, humility, and decency with which he carries himself and leads. Selfishly, I think I’d feel really good after a conversation with President Obama. 

2. What was the last book you read? 
“Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman

3. How would your friends describe you?
I hope they’d describe me as loyal, but I think my oldest friends would describe me as someone who is a little shy, hard-working, dedicated, and with a good sense of humor. 

4. What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play? 
Football to watch and tennis to play.

5. Do you have any hobbies?  
I paddleboard and ride my bike when I can. I love listening to music, whether it’s live at a concert or just in my car, all the time.


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