KLG is Devoted To The Clients They Are Privileged To Represent, As They Strive To Affect The Best Possible Outcome For Each & Every One. A Conversation With The Kendrick Law Group


Founding partner Jessica Kendrick received her undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, to expand her professional career and broaden her opportunities to make an impact in her community. She earned her Juris Doctor Degree with honors from Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law in 2013. Jess made the ambitious decision to open Kendrick Law Group after just a few years removed from law school.  

Although risky, she knew that hard work, determination, a passion for helping others, and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals would translate into success. Today Kendrick is joined by a well-matched team of attorneys who are the core of the enterprise. Each has deep knowledge of select and complementary areas of law. Clients often hire the firm to handle one issue, then return as unrelated needs arise.

Q: Can you share with our audience, the types of law your firm specializes in?
The Kendrick Law Group offers expertise in various areas of law, including business law, estate planning, family law, guardianship, probate, and real estate law. Partners Kendrick and Geltz launched, stand-alone title and settlement companies Champion Title & Closing and Park Title, as extensions of the real estate law practice to provide seamless title and closing services for commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Q: What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue a career as an Attorney?
Relationships are everything. Without developing a relationship, everything is one off. For a client or colleague to come back (or refer again) you have to cultivate a relationship they want to invest in. From the beginning we have understood that law firms are in the business of relationship. It is truly the nature of the legal relationship – when you act for client, you are literally standing in their shoes and acting on their behalf. You have to have a personal connection to earn the trust of clients and truly represent them effectively. With that said, it does take work to grow relationships – they do not happen just because you want them too. True relationships evolve as a result of your hard work and ability to exceed expectations.

Q: What are the best practices you have employed to build a successful firm? 
Transparency: We respect that the legal consumer is savvy. We live in an age of ready accessibility, where volumes of information are just a click away. The days of attorney’s block billing with cryptic descriptions of the work performed are long gone, and rightfully so. We strive to be adept enough to accurately project what a client’s needs demand. In many cases, we are able to gauge with a good deal of accuracy what the client can expect from a time and cost basis. Being able to clearly communicate that from the beginning and give the client options on how they want to proceed gives a measure of control to the client. 

We have many areas where we can offer a flat fee from the outset, so the expectations are clear. We work to communicate timelines and an overview of the work that will be performed and strive to keep the lines of communication open from inception to the close of a client matter. 

Q: What sets your firm apart from others?
The concierge service model. This is a key driver in our culture for all of our clients. It’s an approach that allows us to form a relationship beyond the typical one-off business or transactional legal arrangement. We strive to truly know our clients and often ultimately form bonds that transcend the initial engagement. We become true advisors and hopefully an integral part of their “team”

Q: How are you embracing today’s technology driven world? 
As attorneys we need to adapt to the changing landscape. Information is everywhere and available 24/7. Clients are not willing to wait weeks for an appointment and may look elsewhere or avail themselves of any number of information channels that may or may not be beneficial. To meet the demand, we created the Kendrick Fast Access tool. The goal of our fast access tool is to streamline the process and allow access to a licensed attorney consultation, often the same day. Prospective clients can get a better idea of what to expect and have the peace of mind of knowing that they are connecting with a licensed attorney that is assessing their specific situation.

Q: Can you tell us how you manage your work life balance?
Just as the Kendrick Law Group balances practice areas, client composition, and in-house and outside expertise, it also focuses on work-life balance. All of the partners have families and make time with their spouses and children a priority while encouraging staff members to do the same. Family is at the heart of the firm, and it can be seen in their family friendly office and flexibility in hours and modes of access.

When founded, the KLG mission statement included “serving our community” and they hold true to that ethos now more than ever.  “Supporting those around us, and identifying charities in need of help, allows us to engage more fully with the community we live and work in.”  To this end, aside from financial and time commitments to worthy causes, KLG founded its own charitable foundation.  The Hope for More Foundation provides a platform for them to directly influence and raise awareness and funding for important but oftentimes overlooked or marginalized local causes in need of significant help.

Q: What’s one valuable aspect of your firm that you can share with our audience?
Giving back to the community is just as important as meeting your clients' expectations. We believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the central Florida community and being a positive influence and force for those in need. Supporting the greater Orlando community is the cornerstone of the firm’s philosophy. The Kendrick Law Group’s lawyers support local charitable efforts, whether via the firm’s own Hope for More Foundation, or serving on boards, donating to initiatives, or offering hands-on services. The partners are encouraged to support causes they feel strongly connected to and where they can facilitate local impact. 


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